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LGBTnewswire.eu are place were you can find press / media releases directed to the LGBT community.

Instead of websites/blogs looking for press/media releases for LGBT everywhere, with LGBTnewswire.eu they just have one place to look.

It’s free to use the press/media releases published on the LGBTnewswire.eu, as long as you credit the LGBTnewswire.eu website as requested in the FAQ publisher for using the content.

LGBTnewswire.eu previously know as MySoCalledGayLife.com | LGBT Press Network – LGBTnewswire.eu are owned by MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk.


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    Welcome To LGBTnewswire.eu !

    This site are made for journalist, bloggers, magazines, radio and television that covers LGBT news.

    The service is free to use as long you follow some easy source credit rules.

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  • Remember to read FAQ Publisher before using the content filed under LGBTnewswire.eu .

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