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Is it free to use LGBTnewswire.eu for a publisher like a website or a blog? Yes if you credit the LGBTnewswire.eu as requested. See credit LGBTnewswire.eu.

How do a credit LGBTnewswire.eu for the use of a press/media release ? Website/blog The credit must either be on the top or bottom of the post you are publishing on your website like this (the font size should have the same as rest of the content


Provided by LGBTnewswire.eu or  Published by LGBTnewswire.eu

Credit in Radio/TV show/news program : LGBTnewswire.eu

Credit in a Magazine/Newspaper LGBTnewswire.eu

What about Photo Credit ? If the press/media release has pictures, you need to credit as the press/media release says. If the press/media release don’t have any information about photo credit, then no photo credit is not needed.

Can I subscribe so I know when a new press/media release is published by email? Yes you can. See the sidebar and it is free.

Using contact information in a press release You always refer LGBTnewswire.eu.

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    Welcome To LGBTnewswire.eu !

    This site are made for journalist, bloggers, magazines, radio and television that covers LGBT news.

    The service is free to use as long you follow some easy source credit rules.

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  • Remember to read FAQ Publisher before using the content filed under LGBTnewswire.eu .

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